Healthy in Mexico

In another not-so-beer-oriented post, I would like to address some of the questions I’ve been receiving since my return from Mexico less than 12 hours ago:

1) While I understand one or two suspected cases have been linked to Cancun, the overwhelming majority of the incidents of flu infection are centered around Mexico City. Before tarring all of the country with the same brush, please take a look at the map and realize that the capital is a long way from the Yucutan Peninsula and, in fact, most beach tourist areas.

2) The three resorts we visited on the Riviera Maya were uniformly safe, as I imagine were and are pretty much all the main tourist resorts. These places have a lot to lose if even a single case can be linked to them, so they do their utmost to maintain healthy environments.

3) I ate pork, and it was good. There is no flu risk associated with pig meat. Period.

4) At the Cancun airport, a handful of tourists were seen wearing masks, but not a single airport staff member or official. If there were any risk, I would expect these would be the first people to be issued masks.

5) The upscale resorts we stayed at all offer premium spirits and wines, but only ordinary beers. With now numerous craft breweries operating in Mexico, it’s time these places began offering at least limited amounts of something a bit more characterful than Negra Modelo. (I said this post was not-so-beer-oriented, but still had to throw in something relevant to the blog’s name.)

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  1. Hi Stephen, i wonder about “numerous craft breweries operating in Mexico” – incidentally i was researching this subject for a while and even started the thread on BA:
    Do you have any particular breweries that you like? Or responses in BA forum pretty much cover it? I’m very interested to find this lady brewer i was reading about in Draft.
    thanks much, helena

    1. I’ve been on the road, Helena, and so haven’t been able to find the time to reply to your comment. Alas, I’m afraid I have little to add, as my experience in Mexico to dater has been largely limited to the Cancun area. I once had in my sights the Tijuana Beer Festival, which I’m told was attended by pretty much every craft brewery in the country, but the website no longer exists and I fear the current turmoil in that border city make have claimed it as a victim.

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