Gift Idea #7: Cruising in High Style!

What kind of a self-promoter would I be if I did not include in my gift suggestions at least one item that involves me personally?!  This is for the high rollers out there, or for forwarding to loved ones with deep pockets.

It is the Whiskeys & Beers of the British Isles Cruise I will be hosting in May aboard the ultra-luxurious Silver Whisper.

This will be the finest trip I have ever been a part of, and while it is indeed a little on the pricy side, when you consider that everything is included, from airfare to all meals and all on-board drinks to butler service and 24 hour room service, it starts to resemble something more akin to a bargain. Add in all the tastings and touring and, well, it looks pretty darn tempting to me.

Detains on the cruise line are over here and specifics about the trip are here. Think of it as the best beer and whisky experience you’re ever likely to have, all based in a beautiful boutique hotel that you never have to worry about finding at night in a semi-drunken haze!

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