Funny or Sad?

I’m not sure which it is, but it’s certainly over-the-top! From the good folks at Associated Press – reporters Gregory Katz and Clarke Canfield, to be exact – comes word of the latest American overreaction over alcohol, this one occurring in Maine.

The state has banned sales of Fentimans Lemonade to minors. The reason? A trace alcohol content of less than 0.5%!

They’re serious, folks. The story quotes Houlton, Maine, Police Chief Butch Asselin as saying: “It wasn’t so much that we were trying to give Fentimans a black eye. We just want to make parents aware it contains alcohol. I’ve never had it; it’s probably very good, but their Web site says it can be used for mixed drinks.”

The Chief continued voicing his concern, saying that since a Google search of “Victorian lemonade” turned up recipes calling for it to be made with gin, he worries that young people will read those recipes and add gin to their Fentimans.

By the way, Chief, if you search “orange juice” on the web, you’re likely to arrive eventually at a reference to vodka and orange juice, so maybe it’s time you started controlling that o.j., too.

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