Elysian Fields, Seattle, Pt. II

Yesterday I told you about what I think Elysian Fields is doing well on the beer side. Today, we look at their food.

All too often, I find, going to a place for good beer means also being confronted with a menu filled with burgers, wings, nachos and fries. Not that there is anything wrong with that…occasionally. But when you visit beer bars and brewpubs as much as I do, you begin to crave even a modicum of invention in the food selection.

Which is why Elysian Fields is such a breath of fresh air. We started with the white bean Bruschetta, Seasonal Cured Meat selection and the Cheese Plate, the last of which included the delicious Cashel Blue as well as a very nice Petite Basque. For our mains, we had Ragu Bolognese, Bangers and Mash and a Kasu-marinated Tofu Salad. And guess what? It was all good, and there was nary a deep-fried element in the lot!

It doesn’t take much to bring in some good charcuterie and cheeses, or whip up a decent Bolognese sauce and marinate some tofu. And if you want a burger or chicken club, they are there, as well. It’s called variety, and it’s something that I believe most customers will appreciate.

Because after all, man cannot live on burgers and nachos alone.

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