CAMRA Dictionary of Beer Entry #2

More from Brian Glover’s CAMRA Dictionary of Beer, published in 1985:

Liefmans: Belgian brewery (surprisingly owned by Vaux of Sunderland)…

Of course, it wasn’t long after that Vaux ceased to be involved with brewing at all, becoming instead Swallow Inns and Restaurants, and Liefmans is today owned by Duvel. But I never new that the major regional British brewer once had holdings in Belgium.

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  1. I never knew that, that’s interesting.

    Another, kind of local, tie-in Vaux had was ownership of the old regional, Fred Koch in Dunkirk, NY, west of Buffalo on Lake Erie. That started in the 70’s I think but didn’t last more than a few years. It seemed logical that one regional could understand and grow others, but I guess it didn’t work out for whatever reason.


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