Beer Rules for the Holidays Nos. 8 and 9

8. Christmas Ale Trumps Spiced Ale Trumps Pale Ale Trumps Pilsner: Unless any of the above are particularly exceptional, or really and truly suck.

9. Respect Your Host: And never, ever criticize their selection of beers. Instead, pass by the fridge without comment and drink their single malt.

Still a few more in the holster…

4 Replies to “Beer Rules for the Holidays Nos. 8 and 9”

    1. Umm, err, thanks? I guess?

      Actually, Alan, I took a vow of seasonal good will late last week and decided that I wouldn’t be cranky and cynical (in print) again until the new year. Not as hard as it seems, given that I’ll be away without my computer for over a week of it.

      And the funny thing? Hit counts are way up. Apparently people like seasonality as much as they do controversy (and innovation).

  1. You don’t mean people actually think it is nice to be nice!?!? Where will blogging be left without grouchiness???

    And I jab and jibe because I care. You have me thinking that my grand unified theory of beer blogging post might make a Yuletide appearance tonight taking this and Stan and other’s odd uncranky behaviors into account.

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