As Long as I’m in Full-On Rant Mode…

The next person who tries to put fruit in my beer without asking me first is going to get my size 11 up their arse!

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  1. Funny that, no-one in Belgium, Germany or the Czech Republic ever even tried to put a wedge of anything vaguely citrus in my beer – have had to fish a fair few out though in the last year.

    1. Velky Al
      As long ago as 1983 I had and saw many a lemon wedge stuck in the side of hefeweizen glasses in Bavaria. The Germans do use lemon with hefe. At least they used to.

      1. Personally, in all my travels through Bavaria, I have never seen lemon on a weissbier. I know Michael wrote that it was an occasional custom, but not one I’ve ever come across. Perhaps it’s fading into obscurity, like the salting of helles, even as it becomes ubiquitous in North America. (And France. I remember some years back almost coming to blows with a bartender in Avignon who was insistent that I should have fruit in my Blanche de Bruges.)

      2. Steven,
        Could be it is fading. I haven’t been back to Bavaria since 1987. I do recall that most of the people I saw with lemon on their glass were older men in Kniebundhosen.

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